Boys and Kings

from boys and kings by Sons of Delight



Boys & Kings
Words and Music: Gert Annandale © 2019

You knew the king…when we saw nothing but a shepherd boy

Under the stars he would sing - playing his harp - just being a boy

In time he fought off lions… he’s wearing the scars, from when he slaughtered the bear

You knew just what he needed…for the crown that he would later wear!

He trusted his slingshot…was eager to step into the challenge of war

In time You would show him, how you subdue kings with simple music chords?

As he felt your Your grace and healing – he learned only You could set the captive free,

That boys will chase power… but You breathe LIFE into a good kings dreams!


There is a boy in every king and a king in every boy

and as LOVE and MERCY heals them – DESIRE brings You joy! 

Let the boy sit on Your lap; and the king rule when You’re gone

So earth can see Your Kingdom come…Your will be done!

Boys can’t rule kingdoms…and kings don’t trust like boys 

Eagerly creation waits for the Sons of God to rise
Boys will ruin kingdoms…if kings don’t find their voice

Two fires burn in every heart…Holy Spirit we need Yours


from boys and kings, released September 1, 2020
Vocals: Gert Annandale
Backing Vocals: Zoe Donald
Guitars Sven Blumer
Base: Lukas de Beer
Piano: Helmut Meijer
Acoustic guitar: Konstand Spies


all rights reserved



StoneBear & Mayor Records Stellenbosch, South Africa

StoneBear & Mayor Music is a collaboration between Award-Winning Producers / Composers Helmut Meijer & Lukas de Beer, with a combined experience of more than 4 decades of music creation.

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