Need the Storm - Single

by Suzanne Rentzke




'Need the Storm' is a song about the importance of experiencing difficult times in our lives – it’s almost counter intuitive, until it brings the realisation that without storms, even a forest will turn into a desert. StoneBear & Mayors’production of this single steered away from a typical approach to a classical artistand places it in the arena of opera with a tinge of rock added for good measure.


Lukas de Beer & Suzanne Rentzke © 2019

A distant thunder in my heart
The promise of the rain but it’s too late, it’s too far
Another cloudless summer’s day
The weather’s fine ‘it’s all you need’ they say, I pray

I see the flowers turn to dust before my eyes
I hope I knew would never last – was just a lie
And now the voice within me shouts
A cry to break the desert-doubts
The cloud before the sun is on the way

Thunder wind and rain, lightning in my pain
Sunshine holds me back
This is why I need the storm
Rivers start to flow, my voice begins to grow
Silence washed away
This is why I need the storm

The breaking of the fallow ground
The water seeks a way ‘till life is found
It abounds (to pre chorus...)

Take me to a darker place
Where lightning brings the sound of grace
And streams of life within begin to flow


released June 12, 2020
Lyrics & Music: Lukas de Beer & Suzanne Rentzke

Producer: StoneBear & Mayor Music, Stellenbosch

Publisher: StoneBear & Mayor Music, Stellenbosch


all rights reserved



StoneBear & Mayor Records Stellenbosch, South Africa

StoneBear & Mayor Music is a collaboration between Award-Winning Producers / Composers Helmut Meijer & Lukas de Beer, with a combined experience of more than 4 decades of music creation.

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